2022 4th Stray Birds Dance Platform Young Dancers’ Creations Open Call

2022 4th Stray Birds Dance Platform Young Dancers’ Creations Open Call

Main info

It is hoped that the platform will become a bridge providing wings for creations from different countries and backgrounds to come together and discover new possibilities.

A total of 12 dance pieces will be selected for the 4th Stray Birds Dance Platform’s Young Dancers’ Creations performance. Each creation will be performed once, with the order of Performance and dates to be decided by the organizer. Details will be confirmed with regards to the actual number of works.

“Stray Birds Dance Platform” project in hopes of creating a bridge and providing opportunities for young choreographers to publish works on the platform. We offer awards and performance opportunities.

Applicant qualifications:
(1) All nationalities welcome
(2) Age of choreographer: 35 years old or younger (as of the date of submission)

Submission qualifications:
(1) Number of performers: 1-2 persons (solo or duo); choreographers may perform their dance pieces
(2) Length: 10-15 minutes
(3) Dance piece status: Released, unreleased, or works in progress are all acceptable
(4) Simple lighting and stage props are preferable
(5) Pieces already released on this platform are not accepted
(6) An applicant may submit more than one creation

(1) Taiwan’s “2023 Stray Birds Dance Platform”: Selected choreographers will be invited to unveil their brand-new solo or duo creations at the “2023 Stray Birds Dance Platform” Showcase. They will also receive an award of TWD30,000.
(2) Taiwan’s “Chiayi New Style Choreography”: Selected choreographers will be invited to “2023 Chiayi New Style Choreography” to create a brand-new dance piece based on a theme inspired by the local culture in Chiayi.
(3) Spain’s “MASDANZA”: Selected dance pieces will be able to partake in “The Solo and Choreography Contests” or “Showcase” in 2023.
(4) Korea’s “New Dance for Asia”: Selected dance pieces will be able to participate in the “Showcase” in 2023.

When: 10th December 2022 – 11th December 2022

December 10-11, 2022

Where: Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center – Experimental Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

Application details
How to apply:

To apply, please fill out the Online Registration form with all the required information: https://forms.gle/uNftqkQ61muH53xv8

Application close date: 13th June 2022

Participation fee: Free

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