Braga International Video Dance Festival

Braga International Video Dance Festival

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Braga International Video Dance Festival (created in 2016) is a platform for diffusion, learning and development of artistic work with focus on the body and technology using Video Dance as means of expression

When: 27th April 2023

April 27th, 2023

Where: Theatro Circo, Avenida da Liberdade, Braga, Portugal


Braga International Video Dance Festival (created in 2016) is a platform for diffusion, learning and development of artistic work with focus on the body and technology using Video Dance as means of expression. Contemporary artistic performance practices constitute privileged spaces for innovative interdisciplinary work, sharing and dialogue, as well as contestation and tension, which deconstruct the boundaries of traditional performances and create new paradigms of emerging practices and discourses in today’s world. The challenge we propose is a reflection on the concepts of “performance” and “performativity” through projects that include the articulation of knowledge, blurring boundaries between arts, disciplines and technologies, focusing on everyday and contemporary practices.


More details: https://filmfreeway.com/BRAGAINTERNATIONALVIDEODANCEFESTIVAL

Application details
How to apply:

Rules and Requirements

General Provisions

1. The purpose of these Regulations is to establish rules and conditions for participation in the Braga International Video Dance Festival, 7th edition, 2023.
2. This call includes the selection and presentation of artistic projects in video format for presentation on April 28, 2023, in a place to be communicated, in Braga.

Eligible Entities

1. Creatives of any nationality may apply.
2. Participation can be done individually or by artistic collectives (formal or informal), provided that the application is presented by a representative of that collective, who is responsible for it.
3. Limitation on the maximum number of proposals does not apply.
4. In the New Creators category, only high school or university students resident in Portugal can apply, with proof (registration or student card).


1. Short Videodance – up to 5 minutes
2. Videodance – between 5 and 15 minutes
3. New Creators Videodance (students) – up to 5 minutes

Video Requirements

1. Audiovisual pieces, with original or reenacted choreographies, filmed or videotaped, are accepted. Image and movement must have an artistic dialogue, where it is not possible to separate one language from the other.
2. MP4/MOV file, H.264, preferably 1080/25p (1920x1080) or 720/25p (1280x720) format.
3. There is no limit of videos by authors/producers.
4. Videos of shows or stage performances are not accepted.


1. The application must be made through the filmfreeway platform - https://filmfreeway.com/BRAGAINTERNATIONALVIDEO DANCEFESTIVAL
2. The application period for all categories runs from november 5, 2022 to April 5, 2023, with the following submission periods and values ​​for the Short Video Dance and Video Dance categories:
Superearly Bird – november 5th to November 30th, 16 euros;
EarlyBird – 1st to 31st December – 22 euros; Regular – January 1st to March 15th – 32 euros; Last Chance – March 16th to April 5th– 40 euros.
3. The New Creators category has a regular submission value - 5 euros.
4. The results of the selected videos are communicated until April 10th, 2023, directly to the candidates, by email, and disseminated by the media afterwards.
4. The referred deadlines must be strictly complied with, under penalty of exclusion.

Selection Criteria and Jury

1. After receiving the submissions, the videos that will be presented to the public will be selected by the Braga International Video Dance Festival artistic team. Each selected project will be presented on the day of the Festival, April 28, 2023, (at a place and time to be designated) and published on social media (teaser and information). The alignment of submission of proposals is decided by the BIVDF team.
2. After the presentation of the selected videos at the Festival, the Jury will select the Best Short Video Dance, the Best Video Dance and the Best New Creator. The public will also have the opportunity to choose their favorite video, which will earn the title of Audience’s Choice.
3. The Festival jury is made up of 3 judges – Cristina Mendanha, Artistic Director of the BIVDF and two external guests to be designated.
4. The evaluation criteria consist of the analysis of the conceptual, artistic and technical proposal and its originality.

Selection and Results

1.The selected videos to present on April 28th will be announced on April 10th. Once the video has been selected for presentation at the Festival, it cannot be removed from the schedule.
2.Winning videos will be announced on April 29th, World Dance Day.
3. The results are decided by the organization, with no claim or appeal of the respective deliberations.
4. Video selection is not based on the artist’s ability to attend the festival. The organization encourages all participating artists to be present at the Festival, however, it cannot provide travel and/or accommodation or cover any other travel expenses.

Technical conditions

1.Each video selected for presentation will be promoted on the Festival’s social networks and on Braga MediaArts platforms.
2. The winners in the Best Short Video Dance and Best Video Dance categories receive a Creative Grant in the gross amount of €500,00.00 (five hundred euros).
3.The Creation Scholarship is paid 100% upon submission, upon delivery of an invoice.
4. The winner of the Best New Creator category receives a training and creative grant from Braga Media Arts.
5. The winner in the Audience Choice category will receive a free submission in the next Edition of the Festival.
6. Any expenses arising from the preparation and submission of projects are the sole responsibility of the candidates.


1. The entities benefiting from the support authorize Braga International Video Dance Festival to use the data relating to the activity, giving free, unconditional and perpetual rights to use the image and audio, captured during the proposed activities, authorizing their reproduction, dissemination, publication, museology or others, whatever the format or support.
2. The winning entities undertake to insert in all material for the dissemination of the videos, and future presentations, the mention “Braga International Video Dance Festival – (category name) 2023”, accompanied by the logos/laurels to be requested from the organization.

Doubts and missing questions

Doubts and gaps resulting from the reading and interpretation of this document must be communicated in good time through the email address [email protected] and are decided by the organization, with no complaint or appeal of the respective deliberations.
The resolution of omitted issues is the entire responsibility of Braga International Video Dance Festival and, if necessary, communicated in good time.

Final disposition

Application for this Festival presupposes the unconditional acceptance of these Regulations.

Application close date: 5th April 2023

Participation fee:

32€ - regular fee
5€ - student fee

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