Dance Alchemy Teacher Training

Dance Alchemy Teacher Training

Main info

17 days intensive course for dancers, dance and yoga teachers, therapists, facilitators and leaders.
– Access to online teacher training
– Ficho institute “Dance Alchemy Teacher” certificate

When: 13th July 2020 – 30th July 2020

Where: Slovenia


17 days intensive course for dancers, dance and yoga teachers, therapists, facilitators and leaders.

Training includes

  • 17 days of direct work with Goran Bogdanovski on
  • Techniques and modalities of dance & contact Improvisation
  • Teaching and leading skills and methodology
  • Body-mind-emotion connection
  • Performing skills
  • Economic sustainability.
  • Access to online teacher training
  • Ficho institute “Dance Alchemy Teacher” certificate

What will you get:

  • 70+ Set of easy to apply tools – modalities, exercises and games for Dance and Contact Improvisation practice, retreats, team buildings, art and movement therapies, leadership training and more
  • Ficho structure – simple 8 step process to shape, organize and lead your trainings, workshops, classes, sessions and retreats
  • Reverse-Engineering approach to lesson planning.
  • Circular approach to building up of a tribe up vs. attending a traditional session with a top-down approach.
  • Inclusive environment. Teaching designed for any body type and age, regardless of dance background, experience or level of understanding dance.

By the end of our work together you will be ready to effortlessly and with confidence lead or facilitate a training or workshop and implement Ficho method into your own practice.

What to expect?

  • 17 days of working and simple co-living experience in a close connection with nature.
  • ​Advancing professionally and personally by incorporating Ficho method.
  • ​Learning to improvise and express your creativity like never before.
  • Growing your confidence to effortlessly lead, teach and facilitate.
  • ​Gaining new embodied leadership skill set with higher emotional intelligence.
  • ​Gaining a new holistic knowledge and ingenious ways to inspire and sustain a tribe.
  • ​Connecting to your deep potential, release internal blocks to be more balanced and centered.

What participants says about this program?

If you are searching for clarity and inspiration, looking to be reinvigorated as a dance teacher and retreat into a space where you can connect with yourself, your potential, and your path… sign up for Goran’s training.”

Michelle Campbell
dancer, teacher and movement therapist / USA-DE

“Ficho program gave me tools that can be used in a number of different professions as well as in personal and social relations. I feel clearer in my life direction and my perspective has expanded in terms of possibilities for my future.”

Bridget McLemore
dancer and yoga teacher / USA

“I’ve got new professional tools for upgrading my existing practice and received knowledge for better self awareness and higher emotional intelligence. Amazing journey! Anyone who deals with people should experience it. “

Saša Starovojtov
aikido teacher 5th Dan and entrepreneur / Slovenia

“I lost touch with my body before coming to the course. Now i feel it again! I connected deeper with my body, myself, my potential and my path than I was ever before. I’ve got foundations to start a new practice.”

Napat Zuber – Machima
Yoga and meditation teacher / Thailand

“Dance Alchemy is a journey into your soul and also with other souls. Goran can really hold the space and direct the energy so that the group can create easily and effective. Not all the facilitators have this ability.”

Gamze Leela
yoga teacher, spiritual healer, retreat leader / UK

“Teacher training exceeded my expectations. Ficho exercises allowed me to understand improvisation better, so I can now easily teach better. Thank you Goran for awakening my lost inner child!”

Barbara Guipponi
dance teacher & dancer / Italy

If this resonates with you apply!


More details:

Application details
How to apply:

You can apply here:

Application close date: 26th June 2020, or until the places are taken

Participation fee:

Early bird price (apply before 1. March 2020)

1,995 € / all inclusive
Regular price (apply after 1. March 2020)

2,275 € / all inclusive

Price includes:
- 17 days direct work with Goran Bogdanovski (value 3,550 €)
- Online Teachers Course (value 747 €)
- Dance Alchemy Teacher Certificate
- Simple accommodation in dormitory, camping also possible
- Organic vegetarian meals 3 times per day, water, tea, coffee (value 800 €)

Not included:
- International and local travel costs, visa, health and trip cancellation insurance

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Goran Bogdanovski

FICHO Institute is an educational, personal and professional development playground. We help people to discover their full creative potential through holistic methods, either for personal and social life or to enhance teaching, performing and leading skills in professional applications. Our mission is to make a positive impact on society by providing dancers, teachers, facilitators and leaders with the embodied knowledge and tools for personal, professional and social transformation.

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