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Online auditions diploma and post programmes

Online auditions diploma and post programmes

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When: 16th October 2020

Outgoing online Auditions

Where: Online


An unquestionable dedication to developing into dancers who wish to exceed and expand the international level and capability of contemporary dance. Sound technical versatility, a great personal drive, an open mind and a positive approach to possibilities and challenges are essential. Profound basic experience in contemporary dance and ballet alongside extremely high ambition and an exceptional talent for movement is required. It is emphasized that candidates have a strong appetite for developing their artistic reflection and body potential through working at a high physical level throughout the day.

Our programmes 

3-year Diploma Programme

1-year Post Programme

11-Weeks Intensive Post-Graduate Programme

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More details:

Application details
How to apply:

How to apply:
Step 1
Please fill in the application form below, crossing off alternative audition, and attach a video link with excerpts of:
– A presentation of yourself including your goals for your further dance career and how you want to achieve the goals through the 11-Weeks Post-Graduate programme at CCDS
– 2 minutes solo
– 5 minutes excerpt of ballet including work at the ballet barre and centre work and covering both Adagio and Allegro
– 5 minutes excerpt of contemporary including floorwork
– 3 minutes improvisation focusing on articulation and phrasing

Step 2
CCDS will assess your material. You may be asked for additional material and phone interview.

Application close date: 27th November 2020

Participation fee: Free

Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School

The mission of Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is to facilitate the dancers’ development into skilled and aware artists taking full charge of their own professional careers. Unquestionable dedication and independent reflection is at the core of all activities. Responsibility, an open mind and a positive approach, respect for each other, a sense of humor, situational awareness, self-discipline and determination are all essential qualities. Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School is a space in which everyone can develop their full potential and prepare for a long and distinguished career in contemporary stage arts. A strong focus on dance as a craft, physical abilities, continued artistic reflection and practical management skills make Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School a strong point of departure for future job takers and job creators within the international dance community. To know more about us you can check our website or ask us!

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