Tanz\Workshops Series – Dor Mamalia

Tanz\Workshops Series – Dor Mamalia

Main info

The workshop would focus on both mind and body exploration and will include warm-up techniques, movements exploration, and repertory of the unique movement of Human Field.

When: 25th January 2020

5 hours workshop with DOR MAMALIA 10 am - 3 pm

Where: Tanzraum Wedding GbR, Oudenarder Str. 16-20, 13347 Berlin, Germany


About the workshop 

As Dancers, we have the tendency to feel invincible, jump, spin, roll, stretch, hour after hour, day after day, without any thought for tomorrow, without thinking about what happens to our body, until one day we get injured. Then, a shift in thinking is happening. Only then will we begin to calculate our steps and perhaps start to take care of our body – our tool. As a dancer being in this field for many years, and due to many injuries I’ve experienced, I was constantly seeking to find answers and ways of how to handle my body, and then to help others. I developed a technique that allows to move and dance freely, with no limits and yet much healthier. My body is over-flexible since I was born, with a tendency to fall apart quickly. I always felt like I needed to hold on to something or to lean on (whether it’s an air, floor, dance partner etc.). From all of my experiences as a dancer and a therapist who studied the human’s anatomy, I started to form a technique that bases on my knowledge in ballet, floorwork, release technique, contemporary dance, improvisation, Pilates, Feldenkrais, Chi-kong and anatomical studies. 

I called it the Anchors Technique.

About Dor Mamalia

Dor Mamalia is renown and accomplished dancer who won the Israeli Ministry of Culture prize for “Best Cast Performance” in two consecutive years: 2013 and 2014. He is also the receiver of the “Audience Award” at the prestigious Copenhagen Choreography Dance Competition in 2014; in 2006, he was the winner of the ZOA scholarship for young artists. 

He started his professional career at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. He also danced in Vertigo Dance Company, Tanz Luzerner Theatre, and the Israeli Opera House Company. He had the opportunity to dance pieces by William Forsythe, Marco Goecke, Emanuel Gat, Jacopo Godani, and Idan Sharabi. Dor also worked with Georg Reichel, Brian Arias, Jo Strømgen, Po-cheng Sai and many more. As a teacher, he gave workshops and company classes all over the world, and he is also a certified teacher in Pilates Mat and Machines.

Together with the dancer/choreographer Dariusz Nowak, they founded in 2017 their dance collective; in 2019 they officially named it as “Human Fields.” 

Since the beginning of their collaboration, they have cooperated/been commissioned by Saddler’s Wells Theatre, Korzo Theatre, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Royal Danish Ballet, ZHdK, CONTEXT Diana Vishneva, and others from Holland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Russia, Israel, Poland. Currently, they are working on a new piece for Curtain Up Festival together with artist/dancer Jin Young Won. 

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Application close date: 24th January 2020, or until the places are taken

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€72 VAT included

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