Open Futures 2022: Open Call

Open Futures 2022: Open Call

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Open Futures 2022 invites collaborative submissions, consisting of one dance artist and one digital media artist, who are exploring the potential of interdisciplinary exchange within practices.

When: 20th June 2022 – 1st July 2022

+ 5-16 December 2022

Where: Limerick, Ireland


Studio Light Moves is an initiative of Light Moves Festival aimed at investing in and nurturing creative process and enquiry in dance, technology and screen-based dance practices.

Open Futures 2022 takes the form of a residency-based lab space for dance artists and media artists to explore the intersection of dance with media and screen-based practices. Open Futures is delivered in partnership with Dance Limerick and now in its second year, introduces new partners, Dance Ireland, Limerick City Gallery of Art and the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

Open Futures 2022 invites collaborative submissions, consisting of one dance artist and one digital media artist, who are exploring the potential of interdisciplinary exchange within practices that consider stage, gallery, installation and outdoor settings. Three pairs of artists will be selected for this two-week mentored and technically supported residency in Limerick, Ireland. With an emphasis on process, the residency will facilitate experimentation and exploration of methods and approaches that expand the rich collaborative potential between dance and technology.


Open Futures 2022 aims to focus on collaborations between dance and digital media practices including: video mapping, real-time image capture and/or generation, motion sensors, cinematography, coding, immersive video, game engines, real-time/interactive sound, generative audio and moving image installation methods. Applicants should indicate the areas they wish to explore, what access to the related technologies and software they already have to hand, and to specify what may be additionally required for this research process. It is anticipated that media artists will have access to their own laptop and related software. All dance genres are welcomed. The open call welcomes submissions from both Irish-based and international artist pairs.

Open Futures 2022 supports three pairs of dance artists and media artists with time, space and equipment to work in collaboration over two weeks, alongside peer exchange and facilitated discussions with practitioners working in dance and technology. Applicants must apply as a collaborating pair consisting of one dance artist and one artist working in the field of media and/or technology.

Additionally, one artist pair will be selected to continue the research process following the Limerick residency. For this purpose, Light Moves in partnership with Dance Ireland will award a €5,000 continuity bursary and 2 weeks of studio space in Dance House Studios, Dublin in December 2022. It is intended that this will act as a spring-board towards further developing the artists’ work and will allow the artists to bring a strong commitment of support to future funding applications.


  • 2 weeks paid residency time for a dance artist and media artist.

  • €750 per week per person.

  • Studio space in Dance Limerick, Limerick City Gallery of Art and Irish World Academy of Music and Dance with access to relevant technical equipment.

  • Accommodation provided in Limerick.

  • Vouched receipted travel costs up to a maximum of €250.

  • €750 for the purpose of one-to- one sessions with specialised mentors/advisors working in dance and technology.

  • Critical exchange talks by experienced practitioners in the field, presented in partnership with Dance Ireland.

  • A €5,000 continuity bursary and an additional two-week residency award at Dance Ireland for one collaborating pair to develop their work.

  • A platform on the Light Moves Festival website and during the Festival to share findings, make connections and build partnerships for future project development.

More details:

Application details
How to apply:


Please submit the following information via email to [email protected]

You are welcome to apply in writing, by audio or on video. Submissions should be made by one of the members of the collaborating pair (“lead applicant”).

A statement of interest including the below: (300-500 words max)

• Why you are interested in this interdisciplinary research residency.

• What are your artistic aims for the residency period and what technology/media area will be explored and why.

• What additional technical requirements you envisage as part of your research. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us facilitate you via technical support and advice.

• Specify a mentor who you propose working with, if relevant. (you will have mentoring sessions supported during your residency period.)

• Any additional information that you feel relevant and wish to include.

Please state the kind of tools, software or hardware that you are conformable in using and may intend to use during this residency.

CV of both artists and any Social Media handles for our communications.

2 video links to previous work to demonstrate track record.

The above information should be included within one pdf document to include video links. If you are making a video or audio submission, please include the link at the end of your CV document. Video files are not acceptable for previous work samples.

Submission Closing date: Friday 18 March


Friday 18th March | Open Futures Application Deadline
Early April | Announcement of selected artists
20 June – 1 July 2022 | Residency Lab in Limerick
5-16 December 2022 | Dance House, Dublin Residency

Artists must be available for the specified residency periods.

The panel will take the following into consideration when assessing applications:

How the artist(s) has a demonstrable interest in spending the time working with digital technology and dance in a research-focused way.

Evidence of how the proposal benefits the artist at this point in their artistic practice either by consolidating existing experience in dance and technology or opening up new ground.

How the proposal prioritises the development of practice, independent of existing commissioned projects or works. Feasibility of the proposal.

Additionally, artists with an interest in developing the dialogue between dance and technology will be interested in Dance Ireland’s Dance and Technology Hackathon that takes place in a day-long exchange on Sunday 6 March at DanceHouse, Dublin.

To find out more and to submit an expression of interest go to

Note: All events will be carried out in line with COVID-19 Irish Government Guidelines.

Application close date: 18th March 2022

Participation fee: Free

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